Online Grievance Redresel Cell

Grievance : A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by an employee, Students, Parents or any other Stake holders towards an employer within the workplace. There are many reasons as to why a grievance can be raised, and also many ways to go about dealing with such a scenario.
Online Grievance / Complaint Monitoring System (OGMS) is a system operated by the Management of KLE Society's KLE Institute of Technology, Hubballi,. A Grievance Management System is one of latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by all organisations wherever there is a need of booking of Grievances/ complaints and analysis of complaints which are made or are pending.

Lack of paper movements provides Grievances management operations a speed which was never envisaged in manual mode at all. Software allows a booking operator to book and lodge Grievances /complaints and automatically schedules and prompts commitee members to source complaint to concerned departments. State of the art management information reports on complaint details and pending complaints with reasons and remarks provides management a better insight to problems and traffic situations of telephone lines. A newer “Report Wizard” not only allows you to define specific reports on demand but also allows you to define your own sorting and analysis parameters which may be more relevant to you but not programmed by us till now.