Advitiya 2021

A-Two Day National Level Students' Technical Fest

5th & 6th July 2021




Participants can participate individually or as a team.

The team should consist of two members. The participants of the team must be from the same.

college. Registration is mandatory for both the members.

The paper should be in IEEE format, maximum of 6 pages.

The abstract should not exceed more than one page.

Last date for submitting the Abstract is 28 th June’21. The abstracts are to be strictly submitted in PDF format including participant’s name, email id and contact number.

Papers will be scrutinized, and the short-listed candidates will be informed by e-mail/ SMS on or before 2 nd July’21.

Last date for submitting the Full-length paper is 3 rd July’21.

Paper must have complete author details specifying author name, college names, and e-mail Id.

Contact numbers to be given in the e-mail cover letter while sending the paper.

Make sure the presentation is easy on eyes. Let the presentation contain clean and neat background with a good font style.

Email ids are available in the departmental posters. Posters are available in the college website as well as Instagram ids : @kleit_official & @_teamsparks

The same paper should not be presented across other departments in Advitiya 2021.

Last date for registration is 4 th July’21. Registration and payment links are available in the college website.

Rules : E-copy : DOWNLOAD


Competition includes individual participant or as a team. The team can have maximum of 2 participants. The participants of the team must be from the same college. Registration is mandatory for both the members.

The Team Numbers should be registered in advance. The participants must login with the “team no._participant name”.

The technical quiz consists of three rounds.

The first round will be Qualifier round 1, the second will be Qualifier round 2 and last will Final round.

The timing will be set for each round. The set of given questions must be answered in the given time limit.

The shortlisted participants from the Qualifier round 1 will be eligible for the next round.

The Main Final round: The main round may consist of some sub-rounds.

It is advised for the participants to have a stable internet connection during the entire competition.

The Jury decision will the final decision.

Rules : E-copy : DOWNLOAD

ADVITIYA 2021 DIGITAL POSTER MAKING RULES Participants can individually participate. The topics will be released few minutes prior the competition in a Google Form. The completed posters can be uploaded in the same Google Form. The posters can be designed digitally through any desired applications. The time for submission is on 6th July at 9:00 am. The judgment of the posters shall be done through its quality presentation and way of conveying the message. The poster should consist of participant’s name compulsorily. The file name should also consist of the Participant name. The dimensions of the poster should be 16 : 9 aspect ratio. The file shall be submitted either in pdf/jpg/png format. Rules : E-copy : DOWNLOAD


Team can have maximum of two participants.

The Fun-Tastic consist of two rounds.

First round will be FIND THE KEY and second one will be TREASURE HUNT.

First round FIND THE KEY consists of 4 questions. Two Logical questions and two non-technical questions.

Answer to each question will be in the form of single digit numerical.

Each answer acts as a code number. Four codes together become one key.

The correct key helps the participants to qualify the first round and enter second round i.e. Treasure Hunt.

The TREASURE HUNT consists of 15 type riddle questions.

The answers for each riddle will be in the form of image.

Participants need to crack all the questions. The answers must be sent in the pdf format for the mentioned email id.

The images should be in the correct sequence as per the questions given, if not then the participants will be disqualified.

Time limit will be announced before the start of game.

Email id:

Rules : E-copy : DOWNLOAD


The topic for article is “COVID-19”.
The article can have the story of your own i.e., inspirational, experience, service or any observation related to the topic.
The article must be organized in a proper way to draw the attention of the readers.
The article must have a proper suitable Heading/Title and a line having writer’s name and affiliation.
While writing the article, use proper grammar, spelling, and proper punctuations. Use vocabulary skill.
Keep the introduction of the topic short, catchy, and interesting.
The limit of the article should be up to 1500 – 2000 words. Articles with word count beyond this range are liable for rejection.
The time for article submission will begin on 4th July’21 at 11:00 AM. The last date for submitting the article is 5th July’21 at 1:00 pm. Articles will not be accepted after the scheduled time.
The Google Form will be released for attaching the article at the above time. The article should be submitted either in word or pdf format compulsorily.
Minimum font size of 12 and 1.5 line spacing.
Article will be judged by its content, writing style, effectiveness of communication and the overall impact the article creates on the reader.
The Jury’s decision will be final and binding on all participants.

Rules : E-copy : DOWNLOAD

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