1. Available Internet connection:

      1. 100Mbps Leased line [1:1] connection.

      2. 20Mbps Broadband [shared] connection.

    2. LAN: Laboratory computer are connected to the Structured LAN with 100/1000Mbps connection with optical fibre backbone.

    3. Wi-Fi facilities :

      1. The department corridor, staffroom, classroom are connected with wireless LAN infrastructure through the Access point.

    4. Security:

      1. All the access points are password protect.

      2. Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) or Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS) are commonly used to enforce wireless security policies.

      3. MAC filtering for device registration is applied for Wireless devices/Laptops.  

    5. Internet access policy

      1. Groups are created department wise, Faculties, instructor, Clientless, management, HOD,

      2. Students group CS, EC, EE, faculty group, Etc.

      3. Each user will have username and password for KLEIT Login for accessing the Internet. (Client user).

      4. The users are applied with Access Policy, Web Policy, QOS policy, Application policy.

      5. The user’s access report and operations is generated.

    6. Access Policy: Firewall rules have been applied and configured on each group for accessing the Internet.

      1. Users are allowed to access the websites, Email, other servers and other Internet services.

      2. Device registration is applied for the all devices for connection.

    7. Web policy and Filtration:

The college has adapted the web policy and applied filtration for unhealthy and non working websites.

      1. Access to the information through the Internet for enhances the educational using WWW.

      2. The websites are classified as Productive, Neutral, Unhealthy, and Non working.

      3. Productive means domain KLEIT allowed sites, allowed websites redbus. Etc.

      4. Neutral websites means Educational Institutions Electronics Cultural Institutions Education and Reference Material Health and Medicines … etc.

      5. Unhealthy means Porn, Crime and Suicide, Militancy and Extremist, Phishing and Fraud, Weapons …etc.

      6. Non Working means Blogs, Games, Finance, Entertainment, Astrology etc..

    1. QOS policy : Bandwidth distribution

      1. Faculty 8 Mbps [shared]

      2. Students : 8 Mbps [shared]

    1. Application policy :

The applications are categorised general Internet, Software updates, Gaming, Social networking, etc.

    1. Educational applications, software updates are allowed.

    2. Chatting , Social networking & Mobile applications are blocked

    3. Network services are allowed on request bases.

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