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As a student at KLEIT, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of approaches in my career. It is really impressive to see the level of support and structure the professors offered. The faculty of my department (Civil) are really supportive and readily available to answer questions or engage in discussions. My four years at KLEIT were great and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. I am so thankful to be a part of this institute.

Code Compliance Certificate Assessor at Auckland Council, Auckland, New Zealand

2012-2016 batch student.


Prasad Kadolkar


“It all went by in flash-fire”. My time as an undergraduate student in Civil Engineering at KLEIT was rewarding beyond belief.
The education which, I received in Civil engineering Department has enabled me to combine my unique skill set, strong fundamentals in Civil Engineering and Management skills to adopt to fun and challenging Professional work environment as soon as I joined my Professional life.
“The best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put you on a path to seek answers”-Teachers here work close with their students, which allow them to understand their strengths and difficulties of each individual, they are very caring and interested in student’s well-being. My sincere and honest thank you to all the faculty members of Civil Department of KLEIT for their valuable, timely support. Also, Special thanks to Dr.Sharad G Joshi Decan.(Academics) Sir-for teaching me how each and every detail important in life and Dr.Satish Annigeri (Register VTU) Sir-for teaching me importance of time in life. I am proud alumni of KLEIT Civil Engineering Department.
When you want success as badly as you wanted air, when you just come out of a deadly pool, then you will get it, there is no other secret.

Alumni Student
Batch: 2014-2018
Prasad Kadolkar

Currently Working
Assistant Manager- (R&D- VAS)
ACC Limited – RMX Division



Sneha Wadkar

Art director

It gives me immense pleasure to say with pride that I graduated with a Civil engineering degree from KLEIT. The relationship between faculties and students was always very cordial. The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberance. Four years spent in KLEIT were splendid and has helped me and my all friends grow personally and professionally. Civil department faculties always supported us and shaped us to be a better person. Also, the college gave me unforgettable memories and confidence to face the unprecedented times and turbulence in life.

I am I always recall the Civil department’s association activities and how the guest speakers inspired and motivated us with their abundant experience. Thanks to KLEIT for building my confidence and skills to achieve my goals.

Current Work Profile
Currently working as a Site Engineer for March Construction Ltd on the Stormwater Network Separation project in Auckland,
New Zealand.

Alumni Student
Batch: 2011-2015

Sneha Wadkar

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